CodePad 4.02

Codepad is a simple and powerful code and hex-editor
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Codepad is a simple to use and powerful code editor, which also has a hex-editor. This ability of the software to be used both as code and hex editor makes it unique and most useful as compared to other code and hex editor software in the market. The Codepad software has the ability to be associated with some types of files that can be opened just by double clicking on them in the explorer window. Furthermore, the software can be integrated to the right context menu for all types of files so that it can be quickly accessed just by right clicking on them and selecting the ‘Codepad’ option. The Codepad software makes use of some special types of files such as .lng, .def, .tpl, .rgb and .cmr. CodePad automatically uses Syntax Definition that can be configured for the file type that is currently in use. Codepad also has the ability to launch executables for current file and capture their output such as viewers and compilers. The other useful features of the software include its ability to the send current file via email and comparison of two files by Differences Viewer. This software is completely free for any use.

Neeraj Joshi
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  • Freeware
  • Intuitive interface
  • Both code and hex editing capabilities


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